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Padel History


There are many versions of the story of where and when Padel first began, but we believe the version provided by the Spanish Padel Federation, recently confirmed by the International Federation:

Padel began in Acapulco (Mexico) in 1969, when a contractor by the name of Enrique Corcuera modified a plot of land measuring 20 metres by 10 metres on his estate, by putting up walls on the ends and sides of the plot to prevent the spread of vegetation on to the court.

A Spanish friend of Mr Corcuera, and a frequent visitor to Mexico, brought the idea back to Marbella. This man's name was Alfonso Hohenloe, and he installed a court in the club in Marbella, which he owned. Many polo players who came from Argentina learnt the game of Padel in Marbella, and on their return to Argentina, began to spread the word that Padel was fun, and accessible, due to the low installation costs.

As a result, the game grew throughout Argentina and Spain, where it was beginning to be played in very distinguished places, as the players who visited at that time took the idea back to their clubs.

These included:
  • The Marbella Club
  • Moraleja Golf Club (Madrid)
  • The Royal Club of Puerta de Hierro (Madrid)
  • Neguri Golf Club (Biscay province)
More and more clubs followed due to the accessibility of the sport and the attraction to players of varied ability to enjoy the sport on the same court. Families join the sport and it has now become the fastest growing sport in.

Spain with 135,000 Padel courts supporting 2,500,000 registered players. It is no coincidence that Spain now has the best racquet sports players in the world and Padel is growing into the biggest sport in the country.


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